Make every meeting matter

A tailor-made solution

Tasquad helps you animate your physical or virtual meetings by improving and securing professional interactions in just a few clicks. Keep a record of all your exchanges, accessible anywhere at any time.

Improve the quality of your meetings

  • Improve the productivity of your teams and the quality of your exchanges
  • Optimize the time spent in meetings
  • Validate collective decisions and keep a record of them

Engage your team

Virtually exchange with each attendee to foster participation, collaboration and decision-making.

Send them quizzes and surveys, project text or images, receive their answers and feedback in real time.

Save Time

  • Before

    Meeting preparation

  • During

    Meeting facilitation

  • After

    Minutes of the meeting

Benefits & Advantages


Facilitate interactive meetings (telecommuting, board meetings, training…) and exchange with each participant simultaneously.


Navigate on an intuitive platform easy to use and adopt for all your team members to promote exchanges in fewer than 3 clicks.


Keep track of all the discussions that took place during the meeting and access a complete set of minutes (as well as a history of all previous meetings).


Create your document databases on the Tasquad Cloud or share them directly with participants without having to store them.

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